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Haley and Tom


Tom and I were excited to take the leap and invest in clean energy. The microFIT program provided us the opportunity to do just this. Generating renewable power right from our rooftop is something we are proud of and have used it as a great lesson for our children. As a family we can make a difference when it comes to reducing our carbon emissions. We love to spread the news on solar with our friends and neighbours who are also starting to apply for the microFIT program.

Brian and Sue


We strongly recommend selecting a solar partner who will answer your questions, provide you with the best options for your home and be available for regular Operations & Maintenance (O&M) of your system for years to come. We are delighted to have made this investment in our home and excited to see the returns offered through the microFIT program. We encourage other families to reach out and learn more.

Dale and Josée


For us, solar was a natural choice. We consider ourselves financially prudent people while also acting as early adopters. The complete system EthoEnergy provided us along with the returns of the microFIT program has made us a family of very satisfied customers. The additional income has enabled Josée to remain at home through these precious child raising years. We encourage other families to consider solar for their homes and learn what kind of returns exists here in Ontario.

Mike and Jana


We love the way it looks and are proud to take part in the ideal of sustainable living while enjoying the benefit of a passive income through the power our roof is producing. EthoEnergy has been an exceptional partner for us from start to finish. They know their business and understand client needs. The team will walk you through the process while ensuring your system is designed and installed with excellence.

Jeremy and Carla


Once people understand the returns of investing in solar and find a partner like EthoEnergy, the case for going solar becomes clear. We are strong believers in the importance of renewables in the energy mix for our community. The microFIT program enables us to be a part of the Province’s long-term energy plan while also affording us the lifestyle we strive for. Our kids will grow up with an education around sustainability while we use the additional income to save for their future. It’s a win-win. We encourage other families and homeowners to ask questions and learn what solar could do for them.

UMEI Christian High School

UMEI (1)-min

By choosing to go solar, our school has become an enduring example of how to apply sustainable practices here in the heart of our community. Our student and staff body along with the supporting families, churches and corporate sponsors have enabled this project to be realized, thereby, bringing a renewed sense of unity and celebration to our school. The additional passive income through the Ontario FIT program will also help sustain our fundraising needs. EthoEnergy has been our partner from start to finish and we feel confident in their ability to serve you in your solar needs.

– David Epp, UMEI Christian High School

Sunrise Potato

Sunrise Potato Storage_250kW_1 (1)-min

We are excited to see this come to fruition and to lead the way for local business to demonstrate how they too, could benefit from a solar project of this size.

– Dr. Peter Vanderzaag, Sunrise Potato Storage

UNI-FAB Manufacturing


As a manufacturer with global contracts, we are ever evolving to remain on top of the latest technologies and opportunities to grow the business. The Ontario FIT Program provided us with a new stream of revenue while helping us demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. Our manufacturing plant has become a successful example of how industrial practices can go green and make a wise investment. We chose EthoEnergy as our partner for this large roof mount project given their extensive experience in the local area and the team’s qualifications. Good referrals backed by demonstrated experience made the difference in our decision. EthoEnergy has remained dedicated to us as a client and we believe in their ability to deliver.

– Abe Fehr, President, UNI-FAB Manufacturing

Dykstra Dairy Farm

Dykstra Roof Mount (250x150) - Copy

We chose EthoEnergy as our partner in PV for several reasons. The team was well educated and took time to teach us about solar. EthoEnergy is a reputable company, which translated well when dealing with our bank. EthoEnergy continually seeks opportunities for designing more efficient PV systems and demonstrates their commitment to innovation through research and staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and best installation practices. It is difficult to expand in the dairy industry since land is expensive and quota being difficult to come by. Investing in solar through the Ontario FIT program provided our family and business an opportunity to generate a second source of income. We recommend any farmer or family seeking to diverse their land use or optimize on unused rooftop space to contact EthoEnergy and learn more about their options.

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