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David Epp

(UMEI Christian High School)


By choosing to go solar, our school has become an enduring example of how to apply sustainable practices. EthoEnergy has been our partner from start to finish.

Abe Fehr

(UNI-FAB Manufacturing)


As a manufacturer with global contracts, we are ever evolving to remain on top of the latest technologies and opportunities to grow the business.

EthoEnergy has remained dedicated to us as a client and we believe in their ability to deliver.

Dr. Peter Vanderzaag

(Sunrise Potato Storage)

UMEI (1)-min

We are excited to see this come to fruition and to lead the way for local business to demonstrate how they too, could benefit from a solar project of this size.

Marten Dykstra

(Dykstra Dairy Farm)

Sunrise Potato Storage_250kW_1 (1)-min

We chose EthoEnergy as our partner in PV for several reasons. We recommend any farmer or family seeking to diverse their land use or optimize on unused rooftop space to contact EthoEnergy and learn more about their options.

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