Net metering = the solution to hydro rates

To fully understand the impact of a net metering solar system, we need to look at the problem we’re trying to solve. You’re probably all too familiar with it.

Here’s the problem

Hydro prices jumped again on May 1, and are expected to rise another 41% over the next 10 years, according to data from the Province’s latest Long Term Energy Plan. In just the last 5 years, our average hydro rate has grown 56% (source).

net metering hydro rates
on-peak price per kWh

Until now, the only way to combat rising energy costs was to use less electricity—LEDs, ENERGY STAR® appliances and single cup coffee makers.

But there’s a limit to how much energy you can conserve.

This means that the only real path to energy freedom is through producing your own energy. At that point it doesn’t matter where hydro prices are.

The (green) solution: net metering

Generate clean solar energy and spin your hydro meter backwards.

net metering sun panels

the sun energizes your solar panels

net metering inverter AC DC

energy is inverted for grid use (DC to AC)

net metering grid credit

power your home and earn credits on any extra energy

net metering community

you save $, the whole community grows more sustainable

The solar energy you produce is all yours—use it for your home.

If you produce more than you need, excess energy is simply sent into the grid, earning you credits with your hydro company. At the end of the month, these credits are subtracted from your bill.

Pay your hydro company 50–80% less

money copy

Save more $ every year than the year before (see below)

Solar home for sale

Increase the value of your home. See how

Since you’re here, you’d probably like to

  • pay your hydro company a lot less
  • power your home with clean energy
  • and even contribute to a more sustainable community


You can do it all. Let me tell you a story…

Over these 25 years, Jane and her family saved a grand total of $83,806.13 and her solar system is set to continue producing clean power for years to come.

She put both kids through university with the savings.

Jane saved






YEAR 1–25

And of course, the environment saved too

(based on yearly offsets)

trees planted and cleaning our air
tonnes of CO2 kept out of our air
tonnes of gasoline saved

Perfect for businesses.

(click to expand each)

Have a business?

Canadian businesses are especially well-suited for a solar system because of accelerated cost capital allowance (CCA) rates for renewable energy projects. A solar system is deemed depreciable property under Class 43.2 (source), which allows your business to deduct the costs associated with your solar purchase and installation at a rate of 50% per year (25% year one).

For example, if your business pays 25% in tax and installs a 30 kW solar system, your tax savings will total approximately $25,000 over the first 7 years.

Have three-phase power?

You solar setup can take advantage of three-phase power at your home or business. Sites with three-phase power can accommodate up to a 30kW solar system, providing you with savings of approximately $300,000 over 25 years.

Save $1,000s on your hydro bill every year.

We will start by providing you with a free customized solar design and will walk with you each step of the way.

Get the numbers for your roof.