Jeremy DeSota – CEO

Jeremy is committed to forming a lasting presence in the solar industry by building a company known for its integrity and amazing care for its employees and customers. Through his education, business management training, and extensive contractor experience, Jeremy brings leadership and vision to the EthoEnergy team and Ontario’s solar industry. He has a passion for excellence and under his leadership Etho has obtained the Gold Level certification by Excellence Canada. Jeremy has worked with the OEB(Ontario Energy Board), CANSIA, and OSEA as a consultant towards ensuring a more sustainable future for communities across Ontario.

Mike Varanesi – General Manager

Michael Varanesi has been General Manager of EthoEnergy since joining the company in March 2016 focusing on finance and administration.

Michael was introduced to EthoEnergy by mutual business acquaintances and encouraged to become a member of our organization. His broad and varied commercial experience continues to support the ethical growth and development of both our team and business as well as maintaining the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction.

Brad Westcott – Director of Business Development

Brad has extensive experience and a passion for delivering alternative energy options for forward-thinking businesses. Through the identification and development of innovative new market opportunities, Brad believes that in the very near future, the transition to renewable energy is both possible and inevitable and is driven to create more ‘energy choices’ for our customers. With 15 + years experience in conservation and renewable energy and post-grad studies in entrepreneurial management, Brad prides himself on maintaining and delivering on the long-term results and integrity we commit to our customers.

John Coros – Senior Project Manager 

John has been with the EthoEnergy family since the fall of 2013 after spending time in the auto, retail and construction industries. John has extensive experience in the project management field and operated his own business managing large, high end renovations and landscaping projects. John is passionate about renewable energy and the positive impact it can have on communities and the environment. He understands the importance of customer satisfaction which fuels his desire to give our customers the best care possible.

Brian Joseph – Engineering Lead

Brian is passionate about solar and energy storage technology, renewable energy and promoting sustainability in Ontario. Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering with postgraduate education in energy storage, renewable energy and conservation and demand management. He has substantial experience in solar design for PV systems under the FIT, microFIT and Net Metering programs. With an in-depth knowledge of Ontario electricity rate structures, he creates detailed and accurate financial assessments for clients and uses this expertise to explore new energy-saving technologies and opportunities.