A solar panel sits on a roof.

Looking up, many see a marvel of technology.

Some see a curiosity born from a different kind of thinking.


We see a family who achieves security and prosperity.

We see a neighbour, intrigued by the promise of clean and renewable energy.

We see a community, inspired to embrace a hopeful, sustainable future.


Because we believe bright days are ahead.

Just imagine what we can do together

Each year, our
+ happy customers
put $
+ back in their pockets
and keep
+ tonnes of CO₂ out of our air.
And every day, we build a better future across Barrie, Toronto and the GTA.

The sun is power. Why not plug in your home?

See if your roof qualifies for solar. We bring a no-pressure approach to finding you the best solution. We get it, because we’re Ontario homeowners like you.

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